Gadsden Runners Club


GRC Rookie Running focuses on the beginner runner. The format is based on the Couch to 5K program so runners can progress slowly toward running a 5K. Several programs are offered throughout the year.  During group runs, no one will be left behind! This is about teamwork and helping each other to meet goals.  For more information, visit Gadsden Runners-Rookie Runners on Facebook.


GRC Trail Team members travel to various races throughout the year including the Xterra Trail Series.  A trail team shirt is provided.  For more information, visit Gadsden Runners Trail Team on Facebook. 


GRC Women's Division was developed to focus on women's running, supporting each others goals, women's health, eating right, and weight loss,.  This group is open to runners of all levels.  Walkers are welcomed. For more information, visit Gadsden Runners - Women's Division on Facebook.


The Youth Division is for kids 14 and under who are interested in running.  Kids interested in participating will set a goal of number of miles to run during the summer.  They meet weekly to run at various locations.  There is a party at the end of the summer to celebrate their accomplishments.  For more information visit Gadsden Runners Youth Running Division or email 

1200 | 900 | 600 Miles Club

Staying accountable is easy if you sign up to be a part of the Miles Club.  Set a goal of running 600, 900, or 1200 miles during the year (Jan-Dec).  You must report your miles each month, even if you run 0 miles.  At the end of the year you will receive a custom award to celebrate your achievement.  For more information email:

Grand Prix

Grand Prix races are determined each year in January.  You must run a minimum of 5 races to qualify for awards.  Grand Prix is open to all members in good standing but you must be a member before your first Grand Prix race to have your results tallied for that event.  Points are awarded for each race.  The top 3 male and female in each age group will receive an award.  Click link below for complete rules.